Giroud Lecture

Giroud Lecture

The Giroud Lecture was established by the IGS in 1994 in recognition of the invaluable contributions of Dr. J.P. Giroud to the technical advancement of the geosynthetics discipline and his central role in the development of the IGS.

There have been six speakers since the inaugural lecture; Professor Robert Koerner (1998), Prof. Kerry Rowe (2002), Chris Lawson (2006), Prof. Heinz Brandl (2010), Prof. Richard Bathurst (2014) and IGS Vice President Dr. Nathalie Touze (2018).

At 12 ICG the Giroud Lecturer will be Ennio M. Palmeira – University of Brasìlia (Brazil)

Ennio M. Palmeira - GIROUD LECTURE

Ennio M. Palmeira – GIROUD LECTURE

University of Brasília (Brazil)